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    Play and improve your singing skills.
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UltraStar Features

Real-Time Feedback

The game provides real-time feedback on the player's performance, including pitch accuracy and timing. This feature allows singers to improve their skills by receiving immediate feedback and adjusting their performance accordingly.

Video support

Multiple formats support including AV1, VP8, H.264, H.263, H.262.
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Custom songs

Users are allowed to create and add their own karaoke tracks to the game, expanding the song library and providing a personalized karaoke experience with their favorite songs.

Audio support

MP3, OGG and WAV file support.
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(2023, v1.1.0)
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Download UltraStar for Windows

Latest stable release installer from 18.08.2023 (28.3 MB):

Older stable release installer from 24.06.2023 (28.3 MB):

Older stable release installer from 07.01.2013 (17.2 MB):